I was born & raised in the great Southwestern deserts of Arizona and call Tucson home. Except for a couple of stints in Phoenix radio, it's always has been. Being raised in the desert has given me a great appreciation for all the majesty and beauty that one can find here. There's little to compare to watching a summer monsoon thunderstorm skip across the valley or the colorful hues of a desert sunset. Sabino Canyon is one of my favorite spots to hike into and spend a lazy afternoon relaxing by the cool, rippling creek. As you may have guessed, I love the outdoors. Hiking & biking on my 10-speed are just a couple of my favorite past times.

I started collecting records when I was in 5th grade. One of my very first purchases was the '45 "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" by B.J. Thomas. To this day it still remains one of my favorite "pop" tunes. Since then my collection has grown to thousands of '45's, LP's, CD's, MP3 files...etc... I recall a grade school friend asking me: "What are you going to do with all those records?". My response was something like; "I don't know. I'll think of something". Well, it's evolved over the years into "Bednarek's Music Works".

There were three things that I wanted to be when I "grew up": a Railroad Engineer, A Priest (yes, it's true), or a Radio D.J. Eclectic to say the least. I was also in countless plays from Grade School all the way through High School, both on and backstage. I, of course, loved being on stage. As a result I chose a profession which combined my love of acting and music, therefore, I became a Discjockey, or Air Talent as we are called these days. I started as a "gopher" back in 1976, the end of my junior year in High School, at 990 AM/KTKT. I eventually worked my way onto the air and spent 5 great years learning everything I could about radio.

Over the next 20 years, I found myself working for just about every station in town and a few in Phoenix. 93.7-KRQ (Top 40), 92.9-KWFM (Oldies), 94.9-KMXZ (Adult Hits), and 106.3-KGMG (R&B oldies) to name just a few. It was at KWFM that I was asked to develop a Saturday Night request & dedication show. It was then the "Class Reunion Show" was born. It was a winner in the ratings and was on for about 4 years there. Then it was transformed into "70's Saturday Night" and lasted about 6-7 years on KMXZ & then on KGMG. Currently it is on "hiatus" and I am concentrating on my business and working full-time on the air at 1400, KTUC. So, if anyone's interested in hearing a demo of "70's Saturday Night", let me know at radiodj@theriver.com. (hint, hint!)

I could go on & on, however, I won't bore you with details about my life right now. Look for updates to this page later. For now, I'd like to mention just a few folks who have been instrumental in a lot of ways during various moments of my life. First, Ed Alexander. He took a young, wide eyed teen who was filled with wonder about radio & gave him a break. I owe a lot to him. Guy Zapoleon, for showing me how "great" programmers do it. My High School buddy & still my friend some 25 years later, Rick Mangen, who I thank for the Irky Dirk years. (long story). Jeannie Tucker, for being there & supporting me through all the years. A truer friend a man couldn't have. My family, especially Mom & Dad, for everything!! Thanks for letting me be me. Finally, for everyone who has listened over the years. Thank-you all!!

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